Temporary Underground Power for  Construction Sites

We design, set up and maintain temporary underground power projects for any application.  Our engineers are always ready to deliver unique and timely temporary power solutions, with the capability of providing anywhere from 120 to 33,000 volts. Temporary Power Services provides the installation and safety, so your team can stay focused on completing their work.

Not just the power, we are your partner


Site Inspection

Temporary Power Services will send a team member to your jobsite to walk through before we provide a quote.  Every job is unique and we want to guarantee the quote we provide will provide the solution your jobsite requires.

Utilities Management

The bureaucratic element of dealing with utility companies, city permits, and fees can be one of the biggest headaches for construction companies, when you simply want to get the job done. We offer to manage the legal and operational elements of getting your temporary power online with total compliance.


Power Costs

Power costs can sometimes be a big question mark in the mind of prime contractors making their bid, or sometimes even may be forgotten altogether. Our estimators will work with you to know how to accurately portray your electrical costs in your bid.

Comprehensive Installation

Our team provides the highest level of professionalism and ensures your temporary power pole is installed safely and to industry standards.  We provide dig alert coordination, temporary power pole installation, pole bracing, multi-point inspection, and GFCI outlets and weather proof covers come standard so your worksite is safe in all weather and conditions.

Complete Maintenance

Temporary power is available for the duration of the project for any unforeseen issues or challenge that may occur.  Know your temporary power pole, equipment, and wiring is in good hands over the course of your project.

Temporary Underground Power at a construction site

We understand that timing is critical in keeping a project on budget and on time. Contact us today so we can enable your team to get their jobs done safely and on time. Estimators are available to discuss your project’s needs and provide accurate cost estimates on the spot, with honesty and integrity.