Temporary Power Poles For Construction Sites

Temporary Power Services has been installing temporary power poles for construction projects ranging from commercial developments to civil engineering projects since 1993.   We have become the trusted temporary power experts.  Our crews are highly trained and have the experience and equipment to provide you with the services your construction project requires.

Types of Temporary Power Services We Offer


Overhead and Underground Power On Site

Overhead power is the go-to solution for most construction sites, and the majority of the time it is the most cost-effective way to get power throughout the area where you’ll be working. However, sometimes it is necessary to go underground with buried cable for a temporary build. 


Utilities Management

The bureaucratic element of dealing with utility companies, city permits, and fees can be one of the biggest headaches for construction companies, when you simply want to get the job done. We offer to manage the legal and operational elements of getting your temporary power online with total compliance. 



Power costs can sometimes be a big question mark in the mind of prime contractors making their bid, or sometimes even may be forgotten altogether. Our estimators will work with you to know how to accurately portray your electrical costs in your bid. 


Distance Solutions: Generators and Long-Range Cabling

Speaking of projects at remote locations, many contractors assume they will have to run their project off generators, but we have the capability of running anywhere from 4,000 to 33,000 volts to locations sometimes miles away from the nearest power source. 


Whatever the case, our engineers will ensure that you get temporary power distributed safely and affordably. No project is too large or too small, from jobsite trailers to rock crushing plants.