Rental Generators


Temporary Power Services has a fleet of mobile generators that can meet any project’s needs from 15 kilowatt to 4 Megawatts. We provide a variety of portable power solutions, from long-lasting, high capacity skid units to various trailer mounted generators. Our design-build approach means we will not only provide what you need, but help you determine your needs and engineer the best way to implement the solutions we determine together, so that you get the right amount of power in the most cost-efficient way possible, with rental generators. 

Beyond the generators themselves, we also provide auxiliary fueling tanks and services, cable and power distribution infrastructure equipment, and the certified technicians you need to make it all work, so you can forget about it and focus on getting the job done.


High Capacity Skid Generators

These are units designed for long-term running with minimal refueling, with tanks as large as 700 gallons that can last up to a week on a one full tank. This reduces the refueling services you need, therefore cutting costs, and are harder to move without the right equipment, therefore more theft-proof. For long-term builds where the generator won’t need to be moved around much, these can be a great option.


Trailer Mounted Generators

Our well-maintained trailer mounted units are the ultimate mobile power source, easily moved from one area of the site to another, and with our fuel management service, you’ll never have to worry about the power going out. We have highly mobile generator trailers for just about every power need, from 15 kilowatts to 4 megawatts. 


Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Carrying extra fuel tanks is often the most cost-effective option, because it reduces the number of fuel drops you’ll need, allowing even smaller trailers to operate as long-term, high fuel capacity units. These can also serve as repositories for the fuel your construction equipment needs, as well. 


Your temporary power network will be designed and set up by one of our professional engineers, so you can rest assured everything will simply work as you need it to, with no hassle and no hiccups.