Frequently Asked Questions about Rental Equipment

Rental Generators

How long has Temporary Power Service been in business?

TPS has been locally owned and operated for over 25 years

What is the range of power provided by your rental generators?

We provide generators with outputs ranging from 15 kilowatts to 4 megawatts. 

Do you provide mobile units that can be moved around the worksite?

Yes, we provide a variety of mobile units with different capacities, that are easily moved.

Do you also provide the means to distribute power from the generator around the worksite?

Yes, our team will help you plan every detail of providing power to your worksite, and all the equipment needed. 

If I’m not using municipal power, do I still need to do inspections?

Yes, even if you’re using a fuel power source, you will still need to comply with regulations regarding inspections.

Spider Boxes

Do you have heavy duty spider boxes that can handle extremely rough job sites?

Yes, our spider boxes are made with extremely strong, 16-guage steel, and are corrosion resistant.

Do you offer the option of underground power distribution?

Yes, we offer underground temporary power, and whether this is right for you can be discussed with us in your consultation.

Boom Forklifts

Do your boom forklifts have 4-wheel drive?

Yes, our boom forklifts have 4-wheel drive and heavy treaded tires. 

What is the lifting range of your boom forklifts?

Our boom forklifts range from 4,400 – 17,000 lbs of lift.

Are your boom forklifts a smooth ride?

Yes, they have electronic frame control, which makes them an extremely smooth ride over any terrain. 

Skid Steers

Are your skid steers extremely maneuverable?

Yes, our skid steers can make very tight turns.

What is the lifting capacity of your skid steers?

Rated operating capacities up to 2590lbs. Skid and Track loaders available.


Do you provide flameless heaters?

Yes, we provide flameless heaters for large scale heating, which run on diesel fuel. 

What are your ground thaw heaters’ capacity?

 Our ground thaw heathers have a capacity of 3-8,000 square feet per unit. 

Will you help us reduce our heating waste?

Yes, our team offers to help you with setup so that your rental heaters run at maximum efficiency. 

Do your heaters run on fuel or electricity?

We offer both fuel-based (with multiple types of fuel) and electric heater rentals.

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