Power for your Event


Temporary event power is necessary for virtually any outdoor event, and whether you’re looking to power a wedding, concert, or business convention, you want to be sure to work with a temporary power service that is trustworthy and has all your bases covered.  At Temporary Power Services, we have been successfully providing electrical power to a wide range of events since 1993. Our engineers are tried and true experts at engineering the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for any event, including:

Concerts | Business events | Outdoor | Weddings | Trade shows | Festivals | Sporting events | Conventions 

Once you start working with us, you’ll see immediately that our full service offering will free you from the stress of having to deal with any power-related logistics. From the initial proposal and engineering plan, to installation, maintenance such as refueling generators, all the way to final tear-down, we handle everything required to get the right amount of power to your event. All you need to do is plug in. 


Equipment Rental

Temporary event power equipment we rent out is of the highest quality and regularly maintained and updated. We also have technicians that can be present throughout your event if it makes you feel more comfortable, in the unlikely event that any technical issues may come up. Especially in situations like outdoor weddings where you may not be accustomed to dealing with temporary power equipment, this is totally understandable. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. We rent various types of temporary power equipment, including:

Generators (of various kinds for different needs)
Temporary poles or underground power infrastructure
Power supply, outlets, and lighting equipment



Temporary Power by the Books

Many who haven’t been involved in throwing outdoor events don’t realize the amount of state and federal regulations which determine how power is sourced and distributed, and what permits are required. This can be a huge unexpected headache for many people. Luckily for you, acquiring any necessary permits and keeping everything up to code is all included in our complete temporary event power service. You can put your mind at ease, knowing all the legalities and technicalities are taken care of. 

If you’re throwing an event that requires temporary power service, call us today and you’ll have a quote in no time.

Temporary Power Services has provide power to  thousands of  events and projects. Temporary Power Services is committed to providing you with reliable power using our exceptional equipment, experience, and our commitment to serving you.