Frequently Asked Questions about Temporary Power Services

If it’s your first time making use of temporary power services, you may have a lot of questions about temporary power running through your mind. Being sure that your temporary power needs are met adequately can make or break whatever project you’re managing, so here are some quick answers to some common temporary power questions.

How long has Temporary Power Service been in business?

TPS has been locally owned and operated for over 25 years

What relevant facts do I need to know to choose the right temporary power company
  • Your needs:
    • How soon do you need it?
    • For what time period will you need your temporary power?
    • How many locations will need it?
    • How many volts and amps will you need?
  • Their services:
    • How quickly can they get it to you?
    • How long can they provide it for?
    • Is the power source and distribution reliable and consistent?
    • How fast will be the response if there is a loss of power at any point?
Do I need to know everything about my temporary power needs before calling?

No, if you know the basics of the equipment you’ll be using and scope of your project, the temporary power company should be able to help you make an assessment based on their experience

Do I need to have any previous understanding of temporary power before contacting a temporary power company?

No, they should be able to walk you through everything you need to know.

What can I expect from a temporary power quote?
  • Your quote should contain all the information about the project, including:
    • The design layout
    • The equipment required 
    • Planning and budgeting
    • Permits, inspections, and other legalities required
    • Timing plan (when it begins, how long it lasts, etc.)
    • Price
Should I expect some fluctuation of timing for setup, or is it exact?

Barring unusual or unforeseeable circumstances, the timing of your setup should go exactly as planned in the quote.

Once the setup is complete, am I ready to start working?

No, in almost all circumstances the city or county will need to inspect and approve your temporary power and other worksite conditions, before you’re ready to start.

Will my temporary power be supplied by utility companies or municipal power, or by some fuel source?

A good temporary power service will have multiple options, but typically if you’re working within a reasonable distance of power access, you will be using municipal or private utility providers.

If I’m not using municipal power, do I still need to do inspections?

Yes, even if you’re using a fuel power source, you will still need to comply with regulations regarding inspections.

Are underground temporary power solutions available?

Yes, Temporary Power Services provides underground power solutions, for job sites where overhead power isn’t feasible.

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