Equipment Rental


Any construction company may find themselves in need of construction equipment for particular jobs that aren’t already a part of their fleet. Rather than invest in new equipment without knowing how often you’ll actually need it, renting is always a practical option. 

If you choose to rent your equipment from Temporary Power Services, you’ll know you’re getting well-maintained and high quality equipment, along with fast, premium service in the unlikely event that any issues with the equipment do arise. With our fuel delivery services, you won’t even have to worry about keeping the tank topped off. 

Rental Construction Equipment 


We provide a range of generators for a variety of different needs, and our estimators can help you determine exactly what your needs are. 

Rental Generators

Spider Boxes

Construction Site

These temporary power boxes provide are rugged and safe and will provide reliable power distribution in all construction site conditions. Powered by 1 50A, 125/250v, 12, 000 watts locking California style CS-63.  Features 6 NEMA 5-20 2500-5000 watts, weatherproof, straight blade receptacles with independent GFCI modules & circuit breakers.  And  1 NEMA L6-30 7, 500 watts, weatherproof, twist-lock receptacle, with circuit breaker. We also provide all cabling and connections for them as well.

Skid Steers Loader

Skid steers are an optimal solution for many tasks, especially when space efficiency is a major consideration. Also known as skid loaders, bobcats, or uniloaders, they’re great for all kinds of leveling, grading, and lifting. Because they’re able to practically turn on a dime, they’re also excellent for navigating narrow corridors or awkward spaces. Common uses for skid steers include building mounds, leveling soil, lifting materials, and moving materials like bags of concrete across a site.

Ski Steer

Boom Forklifts


Boom forklifts are ideal for forklifting to place materials on rough or industrial sites, they are essentially the off-road version of a forklift, which is of course ideal for construction. They have superior lifting capabilities and excellent stability on a variety of terrain, with a range from 4,400 to 17,000 pounds of lift. 4-wheel drive and electronic frame control provide the smoothest ride possible, even while carrying the heaviest loads. 

Ground Thaw Heaters

Ground thawing is a serious concern for construction companies working in colder climates such as the Rocky Mountain region, and ground thaw heaters are the best solution. Our heaters have a capacity of 3,000-8,000 square feet per unit, and are ideal for curing concrete, as well. They’re trailer mounted and highly portable, and have run times up to 140 hours.

Ground thaw heater

Electric Heaters

Electric Heater

Why invest in heaters you’ll only use half of the year? We have a warehouse of electric heaters that can provide the temporary heating you need for cold-weather construction projects at an affordable cost. With capabilities ranging up to 4,000 BTUs per hour, their power is matched with efficiency, as our team of experts will set them up to provide the heat you need, with no waste. 

Diesel Flameless Heaters

For larger scale heating applications, our diesel flameless heaters can produce up to 750,000 BTU per hour, with an output air volume of 2,600-5,500 CFM and temp. rise capabilities up to 180 degrees. It’s flameless and self-contained, meets EPA standards, is constructed with heavy-duty steel throughout, and is highly portable (trailer mounted). 

Flameless heater

Propane Heaters

Propane tank

We install temporary 400lb/ 100gal tanks and hook those up to the furnace in the home. This is necessary when the utility company hasn’t installed the gas for the home yet. This allows us to run the heat efficiently through the entire home using the furnace.  It also requires very minimal refueling of the propane tank, due to the size.

  If you need to get your project complete but are missing a resource, we can help.