Energy for Disaster Relief


Emergency Power is one of the most important elements of any disaster relief effort. Very often, one of the first things to be disrupted by natural disaster or similar emergency situations is the electrical grid, and this leaves many homes and businesses without the power we all depend on so much in our modern world.

In these disaster situations, Temporary Power Services offers proactive, flexible, and piecemeal solutions. This is because disasters are, well, chaotic, and depending on a variety of factors there will be a variety of needs. While we are more than happy to provide power to orchestrated disaster relief efforts on the part of government or private parties, we are also happy to rent out generators, parts, and other equipment to homeowners in need. 


Emergency Electrical Power Response


Emergencies unfold sometimes very quickly, and this is why in the event of severe weather or other dangerous natural phenomena, we are always keeping our ear to the ground and making sure we’re ready when needs arise. Whether you’re an individual or organization, and whatever power needs you may have, you can come to us once you’ve ensured that your people are safe and your situation is secure. We will be ready to respond as quickly as possible with rental generators and other equipment, for your safety and comfort in these difficult times.


Temporary Power Services emergency power response makes power one less thing you have to worry about when disaster strikes.


Our cost-effective service can minimize the disruption to your business and life caused by these unfortunate events, to reduce losses to your property. Safety is always a concern in these times as well, and you should know that our engineers and technicians will never implement a solution that increases risk of injury or loss. All electrical systems will be secured, grounded, water-proof, and safe. 


Rental Equipment for Emergency Power

Several types of temporary power equipment may be necessary for any given emergency or natural disaster situation, including but not limited to:

Power generators of various kinds
Electrical infrastructure like cables, poles, and power stations
High capacity water pumps
Emergency lighting equipment
HVAC and heating elements to reduce water damage
Parts for customers who already have temporary power systems

Temporary Power Services has provide power to  thousands of  events and projects. Temporary Power Services is committed to providing you with reliable power using our exceptional equipment, experience, and our commitment to serving you.