Rental Heaters for Construction Sites

Keep work on your project going when the temperatures drop with temporary heating for construction sites.
We offer a wide range of worksite heating  options to ensure comfortable working conditions at your construction site.

Ground Thaw Heaters

Ground thawing is a serious concern for construction companies working in colder climates such as the Rocky Mountain region, and ground thaw heaters are the best solution. Our heaters have a capacity of 3,000-8,000 square feet per unit, and are ideal for curing concrete, as well. They’re trailer mounted and highly portable, and have run times up to 140 hours. 


Electric Heaters

Why invest in heaters you’ll only use half of the year? We have a warehouse of electric heaters that can provide the temporary heating you need for cold-weather construction projects at an affordable cost. With capabilities ranging up to 4,000 BTUs per hour, their power is matched with efficiency, as our team of experts will set them up to provide the heat you need, with no waste. 


Diesel Flameless Heaters

For larger scale heating applications, our diesel flameless heaters can produce up to 750,000 BTU per hour, with an output air volume of 2,600-5,500 CFM and temp. rise capabilities up to 180 degrees. It’s flameless and self-contained, meets EPA standards, is constructed with heavy-duty steel throughout, and is highly portable (trailer mounted). 

Propane Heaters

We install temporary 400lb/ 100gal tanks and hook those up to the furnace in the home. This is necessary when the utility company hasn’t installed the gas for the home yet. This allows us to run the heat efficiently through the entire home using the furnace.  It also requires very minimal refueling of the propane tank, due to the size. 

Flameless heater at construction site

We understand that timing is critical in keeping a project on budget and on time. Contact us today so we can enable your team to get their jobs done safely and on time. Estimators are available to discuss your project’s needs and provide accurate cost estimates on the spot, with honesty and integrity.