Temporary Power Services

Temporary Power Services

For over twenty-five years, Temporary Power Services has been designing and implementing temporary electrical systems for construction projects across Utah and Colorado. Our clients range from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial or civil engineering projects, meaning we have experience and expertise to suit any construction project’s needs. 

Our engineers are always ready to deliver unique and timely temporary power solutions, with the capability of providing anywhere from 120 to 33,000 volts. Estimators are available to discuss your project’s needs and provide accurate cost estimates on the spot, with honesty and integrity. We have warehouses of equipment at your disposal, and will assist you from the first setup, to the project’s completion.

Locally owned and operated.


Power and Support Services for Construction Projects, Events and Emergency Response.

Temporary Power Poles – Fuel Delivery – Rental Generators – Equipment Rental – Emergency Power

Construction Project Power & Support Services


We take pride in knowing we have helped build Utah and Colorado’s best homes and buildings using our power services. We have provided temporary power that is reliable, secure, and low-cost for thousands of construction projects in Utah and Colorado.

Electrician on temporary power pole

Temporary Power For Construction or Events

  • Overhead Solutions
  • Underground Solutions
  • Ground Cord Solutions

From 400 amp caged load centers and spider boxes to remote generator connections, Temporary Power Services has the right solution to bring you power when you need it, where you need it.

Fuel Delivery Truck


Temporary Power Services offers fuel service delivery when and where you need it. Having years of experience in fueling construction sites and yards we are prepared and ready to be your regular scheduled or one time need for fuel service.

Rental Generator


We offer generators from 15 kilowatt to 4 Megawatts that we can deliver and refuel depending on your needs. Let us know the scope of your project today and we will get you the power you need.

Rental Front loader

Equipment Rental

We offer many types of construction equipment with a specialty in heating equipment. Let us know today your scope of the project and we will deliver and setup on your job site.

Events Power & Support Services

We can bring power to your event. 
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soccer stadium
  • Primary Power
  • Backup Power

Emergency Response Power & Support Services

We will be available to provide power solutions in emergency or disaster situations to the best of our ability. 


Fire fighters
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Emergency Generators
  • Backup Generators

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